Frequently asked questions.

Below you find an overview of questions we frequently get asked. If any more questions come up, please complete our contact form and do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer your queries as quickly as possible.

As an Austrian company based in Lower Austria, we are focused on superior quality, best taste and sustainable products. That’s why we were focusing right from the start on the benefits of the pea: regionality, sustainability and best nutritional values – and thus we are pioneers in the production of natural, 100% plant based meat alternatives made from pea protein.

Above all, vegini was lacking the alternative to meat, which firstly has a meat-like structure and bite, secondly also saturates, thirdly only contains “good things”, i.e. only natural ingredients, and fourthly tastes good.

In short: know-how and natural ingredients. That is exactly what makes vegini unique. We manage to produce a vegan product with a meat-like, fibrous bite, but only with a purely physical process, without additives. 

  • Peas are not an allergen and therefore well tolerated
  • The peas we use, are GMO free. In comparison to  most of soy, which is often imported from oversea.
  • The domestic pea is adapted to a cooler climate. As a result, water consumption is lower, compared to soy. Sustainability is 100 % guaranteed.

All vegini products are gluten-free. The breading of the vegini Schnitzerl and Nuggets is made from rice flour and maize starch.

  • Pea protein contains a lot of unsaturated fats, minerals and fibre.
  • vegini contains essential amino acids like Lysin, Arginin und Leucin (which are good for muscle developement, bone health and fat burning). These amio acids build the base of all metabolic processes and are responsible for a lot of body processes.
  • In contrast to meat, vegini is alkaline – today’s lifestyle easily leads to acidification, which can be responsible for general malaise and a variety of diseases.
  • Legumes like the pea are good for the soil because they are nitrogen collectors and loosen the soil. This significantly reduces the need for fertilizers.

  • The pea only needs about the 1/10 of the water consumption which is necessary in comparison to meat production. 1 kg of peas needs ca. 600 litres of water – 1 kg of beef ca. 15.000 litre of water.

Absolutely. vegini is a plant-based product and also certified with the V-Label of the Vegan Society.

Natural ingredients are very important to us and therefore we do not use preservatives and flavour enhancers. However, methylcellulose in tiny amounts, extracted from trees, is indispensable for some products for their shape and texture.

Made from peas, animal-friendly, with a small carbon footprint and finally packed in recycled materials.  We are conscious about our environment and our resources.   Our 140 g packaging currently consists of ~ 90 % recycled material and we are constantly looking for even more sustainable alternatives. 

In order to keep the ecological footprint of our products as low as possible, we strive to source as many ingredients from Austria or other European Countries. Of course, only possible if the ingredients are harvested and grown there – so we have to make a few exeptions. For spices like pepper we have to look at more distant countries. 

Red wine vinegar such as Aceto Balsamic vinegar or tomatoes are sources of histamine and can be found in some of the marinades in our products. People with histamine intolerance should therefore take care or avoid products that contain said ingredients.

No sugar is added in our vegini products. Marinated products naturally contain sugar that comes from tomato paste, pumpkin puree or mango puree. In general, the sugar content in vegini is negligible.

vegini can be a good supporting measure for losing weight:

  • The sugar and starch content is very low.
  • Proteins have a thermal effect. This means that warmth is generated during digestion in the body and therefore more energy is required than in the digestion of carbohydrates or fats. Because the protein content in vegini is very high, this effect is of course all the more effective.