Below is a list of questions which people (nearly) always ask us.

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Who is/eats vegini?

As an Austrian company based in Lower Austria, we are focused on superior quality, sustainable farming – and excellent taste. We achieve this taste through our savoury flavours. Whether Italian style, with a marinade based on concentrated tomato paste, basil and a dash of balsamic vinegar, or refined with garden herbs such as chives and parsley – our pea-based vegini products with their tender fibrous texture add a great taste to many delicious recipes.

Why vegini?

It all started with the desire of not wanting to eat meat every day, yet feeling satisfied after a meal and pleased to have eaten “the right thing” – this was the birth of vegini. We were missing a sound alternative to meat, something with a nice bite that satisfies the appetite, contains only natural ingredients, and tastes just great.

How do we achieve this fibrous texture?

This is exactly what makes us unique. Through a purely physical process, we are able to create a vegan product with such an exquisite bite/texture WITHOUT adding any preservatives or soy. In short: knowledge and natural ingredients.

Is vegini suited for vegans?

Absolut. vegini ist rein pflanzlich und somit für Veganer und alle die gutes Essen lieben.