Our vision

vegini is a pioneer, not a hanger-on. We do not follow current trends – we are a game changer and remain 100% true to our principles. We are part of a health-conscious, forward-looking generation. An increasing number of people, including us, are concerned about our planet’s shrinking resources. Demographic growth and climate change are forcing us to search for alternatives, particularly alternatives to our highly problematic production of meat.
We are encouraging all curious, active and interested people to join us in a new/different experience of eating. Proteins are among the basic elements of human cells and control numerous essential processes in our body, including our metabolism. vegini is a new way to take up sufficient protein that tastes just great. vegini is not only a healthy alternative to meat. vegini is so much more: it is vegan (and thus lactose-free), soy-free, gluten-free, 100% natural, and GMO-free. In short: it’s good for the environment, for the climate, for our animals – and for you as well.
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Andreas Gebhart

„Being father of a child makes you think about the future. We need healthy and tasty alternatives to meat as a source of protein. With vegini we have succeeded in finding such an alternative. And I am very proud of it.“

Dr. Johann Tanzer MBA MPA MAS

„For me vegini is much more than just business. I fully support the philosophy behind it, because I myself care about my body and a balanced diet.“

Our Sales Team

Margit Petermöller
Head of Sales

Khaled Aiesh
Head of International Sales 

Markus Riedl
International Sales

Christian Kendler
Sales Austria

Michael Zeilerbauer
Sales Austria

Agnes Gerstner
Sales Back Office

Lukas Wischenbart MSc
Head of Marketing

Got curious?

Got curious?

VeggieMeat GmbH Diamantplatz 1 3304 St. Georgen am Ybbsfelde

VeggieMeat GmbH

VeggieMeat GmbH Diamantplatz 1 3304 St. Georgen am Ybbsfelde