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New times.
New food.

The world is changing. And we are changing along with it.

The new generations are adopting a new way of thinking and buzz words like sustainability, animal welfare and environmental awareness are no longer mere words, but express a modern attitude to life.

We are supporting this trend with vegini – the sustainable way to enjoy proteins.


vegini is the right treat for everyone who is dreaming of hearty taste with a unique texture. The unbelievably meaty and juicy bite lets you easily forget that it’s made from peas.


Natural, rich in protein and an ideal source of iron and fibre. Without preservatives and GMO-free. This you can be sure of!


Made from peas, animal-friendly, with a small carbon footprint and finally packed in recycled materials.  We are conscious about our environment and our resources.  

That´s what makes us different…

The particular detail of vegini is found, when looking at the basics: peas and natural ingredients.

The idea to develop his own products was born when Andreas Gebhart, CEO and founder, found himself in front of vegan shelfs in supermarkets: He was reading the list of ingredients of various meat alternatives and thought: „This must be done in a different, more natural way!“ When he developed the first products with Johann Tanzer, CEO, it was clear that the pea is the most appropriate basis and that aromas, preservatives and masses of other additives have no place in the ingredients list of vegini.

The pea is…

  • perfectly adapted to the European climate
  • a great source of iron and fibre
  • an ideal supplier of essential amino acids like lysine, arginine and leucine
  • not an allergen and therefore compatible for everyone
  • a collector of nitrogen, what brings a considerable reduction of fertilizer consumption

Many people are unaware of the benefits that peas have over soy beans. Since soy beans harvested in the European Union are by far not enough to satisfy our increasing European demand, huge amounts are imported – mainly from the United States, Brazil, or Argentina. The lion’s share of these soy imports is GMO soy, which is used as a feed supplement in Europe’s intensive livestock farming. Products like meat, eggs or milk derived from animals which are fed genetically engineered feedstuffs are not specifically labelled. That’s how GMO soy automatically ends up in our food chain.* Moreover, soy farmers in South America cut down large areas of the Amazon rainforest for soy monocultures, thereby destroying an ecosystem that has survived over millions of years.**

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    Who is /eats vegini?

    As an Austrian company based in Lower Austria, we are focused on superior quality, best taste and sustainable products. That’s why we were focusing right from the start on the benefits of the pea: regionality, sustainability and best nutritional values – and thus we are pioneers in the production of natural, 100% plant based meat alternatives made from pea protein.

    For vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians. For people who love animals, for those who want to save resources or for those who want to reduce their meat consumption due to health problems. It’s the perfect solution for anyone. Without compromising on your cooking habits, you may use vegini like meat for a huge number of different dishes.

    You can find vegini here.

    vegini is already available in numerous stores in Austria and Germany, but also in some other European countries. As a young company we are still expanding our distribution network and work permanently to make vegini available to everyone and the world a little bit greener.


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